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Facing financial difficulties can be extremely stressful and can negatively impact so many aspects of life.  We understand that bad things happen to good people, especially in these financially trying times, and we are here for you.  Unlike other bankruptcy attorneys, we will treat you with compassion, respect and without judgement.  We believe that there comes a time when you just need to start over.  The Koller Law Office has the experience to help you and your family get a fresh start and restore your peace of mind.

The Koller Law Office has filed many personal bankruptcy cases for our clients.  Our years of experience and caring, competent representation can make this difficult time in your life much more manageable.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

* Provides a fast Fresh Start.

* Once you file, any income you receive after filing belongs to you.

* No repayment plan.

* No debt limits.

* Lower attorney fees.      

Let us help you now with a fresh start and get you on the road to a bright, worry free and secure financial future. Contact us today.

We are a debt relief agency.  We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code.