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Terms of Use

The Koller Law Office supports the right of personal privacy and business security on the Internet.  We provide professional legal services in Arvada Colorado, the Denver metro area and Colorado at large. None of the resources provided on this website are intended for unethical or illegal marketing practices, including but not limited to:

Fraud and Spam

The Koller Law Office will pursue, and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law, any Business entity(ies) and/or individual(s) who attempt to use our information or services for the purpose of fraudulent activities or transactions. The Koller Law Office maintains ethical practices and will not tolerate any misuse of our information or services by any third party. If misuse occurs, the Koller Law Office will do everything in its power to immediately terminate the relationship and prevent any further misuse, as well as provide all requested information pertaining to the fraud, to the appropriate legal authorities.


Products, information or services provided by the Koller Law Office is neither intended nor permitted to be used for the harvesting of names or physical or e-mail addresses. Any business entity (ies) and/or individuals who abuse any of our resources, for activities including but not limited to using them for harvesting of personal information or spamming will have their relationship with the Koller Law Office immediately terminated.

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The Koller Law Office has delineated and adopted these policies to help maintain a safe, ethical and legal business environment for its Clients, Associates and Staff.

If you have any questions, issues or concerns regarding our Terms of Use, do not hesitate to contact us.